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14. September 2014

Me and my ex we were together 18 months! Nearly.

We got together summer of 2013, it was perfect! Beyond perfect he helped me out we spent nights driving miles and miles together, he spoilt me, but i just got out of a 2 year relationship with a lad called steve! My first proper relationship and i lost my virginity to that lad.. so in a way i was still in love ( i thaught with him) but luke, he stayed with me and eventually fell in love with me.. and i did love him too but i had so many strings still attached to steve so i messed luke around! Biiiig mistake! Eventually i decided luke was better for me than steve and i stayed with luke.

We made sooo many brilliant memories..

Rescuing animals, long drives, blackpool, Heaton Park, coldplay, swimming, building fish tanks.. we did everything! But.. ( theres allways a but)

We argued everyday, we were unstable, we hurt each other mentally and physically!

How can you stay in a relationship where it would hut less to be hit by a train? I dunno but we did, we broke up for weeks, days, months , hours.. at points we would give up! Or he would. And id be left heart broken and ill.

Things happend in the summer of 2014 and i decided to sign up to an online dating site not to find someone adsactly but to make some friends cause id isolated myself for over a year.. and then i met George we were talking for months and months but never met and luke didnt get back together untill October, and after 1-2 weeks of me giving it one last go he broke me heart and left me again. He let me walk home me having a panic attack in the pitch black at 9pm.. it was over.. i became very ill stopped eating and drinking and attempted suicide..

Then randomly George messaged me again and he made me feel special. He mafe me happy, we didnt meet up for another 4 weeks and then at the end of November we met up and I couldn’t stop smiling, inwas so happy he was just me as a bloke, i didnt want to fall in love with him because i decided love hurts too much.. on the 25th December 2014 he asked me to be his girlfriend.. i fell in love with him in the February.

I know this is a long post but i just want people to know why i moved on so quickly and why me and luke didnt last and why we will never get back together.. i did love him.. i do remember how i felt.. but sadly its not a scratch on what i feel for the true love of my life.. my George