Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Welcome <3

My Name is Deanna, im 19 from UK

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I sing on YouTube- Deannaisme1234

Anonymous said: not sure how to take that, is that a good or bad haha (:

Hahaha come of anon. x

Anonymous said: because i'd totally love to try some of those likes with you haha :p

Hahaa :D

Anonymous said: haha okays, yeah too bad you're all the way in the UK

Why too bad? X

Anonymous said: oh, well then my bad for looking haha

Haha nooo its no problem :) glad you like it x

Anonymous said: I'm pretty sure we use to go to the same school, was your Mother from Prestwich?

She was! Whos this haha x

Anonymous said: i like the stuff in your likes haha (:

Hahaha i didnt even realize people can see that

the love we have is like no other, 

its a love that cant be ruiend,

we fell in love and thats wont chang ever, 

our love is so special i cant even explain it, but for now all i have to say is thank you fo everything and goodbye, please look after yourself x